Friday, December 13, 2013

Two Many Things on One Mind

Mr. A, still bleary-eyed with sleep, walked into the living area with this and said, "This is what happens when your mind is in too many places at one time." 
He's not known for being very oriented early mornings, so I had no idea what was on his mind and asked as much:  "Where is your mind?" 
"Back in the bed." 
Ah, his mind was in two places, eat and sleep. 
I love my man! 
That was yesterday morning. 
This morning I pick up a few, OK five, tiny Hershey kisses wrappers which I'd placed on the fireplace ledge by my chair.  The intended destination was a trash can, but I walked into the bathroom and threw them into the toilet.  I, who wake the roosters. 
I considered taking a picture of it, the silver and red beribboned wrappers looked like little floating Christmas decorations, rather festive, but I talked myself out of posting a pre-dawn picture of a potty.  Well, at least I can still do alliteration in the morning.