Sunday, December 29, 2013

Here vs. There

After church today, Mr. A and I trekked out to the Cialis loungers, (see ) and sunbathed!  Granted only our face and hands received a wonderful vitamin D infusion and in the later part of the evening we covered up with down throws, but oh did we enjoy the sunshine!

We didn't do a blessed thing besides throw a toy for the dog to fetch and watch jets fly over.  Contrails entertain Mr. A endlessly as he speculates on the origin of the flights and destinations based on their position in the sky.  Aviation is in his blood and anything moving in the sky is time to pause and honor the occasion.  One flight in the western sky he postulated from Miami headed to Louisiana.  I simply prayed it stayed in the sky as long as it was supposed to and landed safely.  With Son Two having just flown to his home in Englewood, Colorado, I speculate more on who is in the plane, where are they going and why.  

At station KGAG, Kids Grown And Gone--I'm refusing to say "empty nest" same as not accepting the title housewife, but homemaker--one of our riveting new hobbies is comparing temperatures of Englewood to Valdosta, Son Two's home for the first 22 years of his life.  

This afternoon while we were basking in the sun, it was 70° in Valdosta, 28° in Englewood.  The mountains and boulders drew Baby Boy to Colorado; the temperate climate of southern Georgia will keep us anchored here, if not here, then somewhere further south where it's even warmer.  

Son Two's girlfriend's parents are presently in Englewood, settling their daughter in her apartment, and Mrs. Girlfriend Mom informed me they'd passed several $3 joint stores.  I don't know what the going rate for a joint is in Georgia, but I do know buying one here could land a person an overnight stay in the Silver Bar Hotel.  Mrs. Girlfriend Mom sent me a picture of a vehicle with an ad for Cannabis Energy drink on the rear window.  I sent a message back via Facebook chat that cannabis and energy is an oxymoron.  She said Son Two had said the same thing.  I replied, AMTA, Amiot minds think alike, a very scary thing.

Let's just say most Amiots I've met think way outside the box, and after being married to one for 27+ years, birthing and raising two more, there is an osmosis of sorts for non-linear thinking.  For example, Son Two did not deem it necessary to have dining chairs for his dining table.  Mrs. Girlfriend Mom bought him two captain's chairs from Goodwill to dine in civilly.  I'm not sure where he dined before, maybe on the couch which had no back cushions.  I believe the couch came from Goodwill as well.

Son Two, aka Thing Two and Baby Boy evidently believed couch cushions were as unnecessary as dining chairs.   In some cases, it is good to think within the box and I am thankful he, a stockbroker, can now dine like a stockbroker should. I suppose other stockbroker's first bachelor and bachelorette pads had no back pads on their couches, but even in the heart of redneck country, ours have padded backs, granted they may be on the porch and exposed to the rain, but they have cushioned backs!

Son Two boasts he hasn't been running the heat.  No dining chairs, no cushions for the couch, and no heat.  This is what people do near Denver?  And people make fun of southerner's way of living!

Actually, this primitive living may be in Son Two's blood as he had a great-great uncle who installed indoor plumbing *after* being elected state senator. He was perfectly happy with the way things were, but one day while sitting on the fence jam, he decided a senator should probably do his sitting in a more dignified manner.  Jokester he was, he installed a mirror on the back of the inside door directly in front of the new facility so his wife could look at herself.  True story, I can find several upstanding Christian citizens who will vouch for me.

Mrs. Girlfriend Mom also said they were going saw shopping so Son Two can cut up wood for his fireplace because he won't run the heat.  

You can take the boy out of Georgia, but evidently you can't take Georgia out of the boy, and I'm proud of him!  He was probably the only kid of his generation whose mom rang a bell for dinner and refuses to own an electric can opener.

And now it's 57° in Valdosta and 26° in Englewood.  Bundle up Baby Boy!

Until next time,

Mrs. A