Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sassy, We'll Miss You Glaring At Us From Underneath the Christmas Tree

and glaring at us in general
Like many little kids in 1993 who saw the movie "Homeward Bound:  The Incredible Journey", ours wanted a pet named after the lead animal character.  We adopted Sassy from a pet store for a mere ten dollar immunization fee; she sure wasn't a pure bred but a rather ugly Heinz variety with a gray tabby striped coat and clashing gold eyes.  They clashed with her coat and everyone she looked at but our older son.  She made no secret of him being the preferred member of our family.  And was she ever appropriately named!  
Sassy and her preferred family member, many moons ago
Her preferred family member grew up and moved away but Sassy stayed at The Ponderosa, the only home she'd known.  After a long while, she graced my husband with the privilege of being nice to him.  He's not a cat lover, and that is quite the understatement, but he petted her anyway when she demanded it.  Their affection being intermittently mutual, Mr. A laughed his face off one day when Sassy was walking the edge of the swimming pool and fell in.
Earlier in December, baby boy had his duffel bag in hand, on his way back to his new home in Colorado after a brief visit to his old one.  On the back deck, he set his bag down and Sassy let him pet her for awhile.  Evidently she'd finally forgiven him for chasing her all through the house the day before she gave birth to her only litter of kittens, or maybe she'd simply forgotten because it was so many years ago when he was a toddler.     
In time, we were fairly certain she developed kittyheimer's.  She forgot she hated everyone but older son and Mr. A.  She began to be friendly to all of us, when she wanted to be, that was.  We rejoiced, saying Sassy got saved!  She let me brush the coat she no longer efficiently groomed after dissing me for most of her nearly two decade life.  She had gone stone deaf, her meows became caterwauling, and we had to walk in front of her or stamp as we approached to let her know we were around.    
She was brave in her passing.  At 2 A.M. she was still breathing.  By 6 A.M. when we awoke, she did not.  Cat-hater turned cat-tolerator Mr. A tried to say his eyes weren't wet, then he gave her a respectful burial near the entrance of the woods she loved to visit.     
What an incredible journey she had!  Nearly two decades, nine lives and then some.  However ornery you were, Sassy, you were a part of our family and we loved you!