Thursday, December 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday, November 2010

Not throwing back too far today, just three years ago to November 2010, one of the best shots of this sweet couple, Son Two and his beautiful girlfriend:

On Sunday, they'll be reunited and won't be so far apart!  It's 23 hours and 23 minutes from Valdosta, GA to Englewood, CO, or 1,636 miles!  That's too far apart for a couple of five years!  Of that five years and three months, they have spent the last six months apart.  Now they'll be next door neighbors!    

This was taken at Anna Ruby Falls in Helen, GA.  Falls?  Well, with a couple this gorgeous, who would focus on the falls?  This was two years into their relationship, and three years later, they look just as happy together.  Most of the Amiot family spent Thanksgiving together in Helen in 2010.  I felt cocooned in the love of family, so nice to be together on holidays.  

Bon voyage, Daughter-in-heart and Son Two!  Any tears in my eyes are selfish, for me; for you two I have nothing but joy and happiness that you'll be together in Colorado.