Monday, December 16, 2013

A shoe!!!

So, I'm sitting at the computer desk and Mr. A walks in, handing me one pink fuzzy slipper. 

He said he heard me say, "A shoe!" 

Most normal husbands would say, "Bless you!" 

I'm so happy he's not normal.  If he was, he'd have a hard time being married to me. 

As is usual, my man has made me laugh first thing in the morning.  I cannot recall a day in which he hasn't made me laugh at least once. 

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine..."  Proverbs 17:21 (KJ21)

 On Saturday at Sam's, he saw Ms. Sonja who manages the optical department and steered our cart right toward her.  She began to move out of his way and he said, "Oops, didn't see you.  I don't have on my glasses." 

A gigantic smile filled her face.

What can you spring from your merry heart to put a smile on the face of another?  That's your assignment today.  I'm not sure  everyone could appreciate being handed a shoe or having a huge shopping cart rolled in their direction, so be original, think of something else.

Love, laughter and smiles to you and yours,

Mrs. A