Monday, December 23, 2013

Wrap With Me! That's wrap, not rap! This Morning, It's Praise!

4:38 A.M.

Awake since 3 A.M.  No idea why, did not consume caffeine yesterday save for what minimal amount is in a couple of Andes mints.  This is a fairly new development, so when handed wakefulness, I have chosen to make the best of it.  Most often it's prayer and Bible reading, this morning it is wrapping Christmas presents and listening to praise music in Mr. A's sign shop.  His work table is the nearly perfect surface to lay out all the paraphernalia to create pretty packages to go underneath the tree.

My solution to misplacing tape, scissors, pen, etc.,
while wrapping gifts. 

The gifts might have a paint fleck or a bit of vinyl on them, but that will be a reminder of the one who labors for us, Mr. A.  

Now playing:  Made Me Glad by Miriam Webster

Maggie, the Australian shepherd granddog, is dutifully on guard outside the door, taking a break occasionally to chase Ashley, our 11-year-old cat who survives her nearly 20-year-old nemesis, Sassy.  Ashley woke us last night with persistent meows at 4 A.M.  Although she tormented Sassy, I believe she misses her.  

Mr. A  told our "kids" at lunch yesterday he wanted to kill Ashley for her middle-of-the-night-meows.  Our daughter-in-love is not a fan of felines; that is one of many things Mr. A likes about her.  She laughed at his murderous wishes, but it seems both of them have a rudimentary understanding of why others like cats and tolerate them for loved ones' sake.     

So far, four presents wrapped, and stockings are slowly being stuffed.  I look up and see Mr. A's calendar is still on November.  Calendars and clocks have never constrained his life, but I change it to December anyway.

Recently I described my older son as frugal, parsimonious, sometimes cheap, and as I re-use tags, gift bags, boxes and bows that survived previous Christmases, I have unearthed a clue as to the origin of that behavior.

In keeping family tradition, Baby Boy may reuse this!
Kohl's thinks like we do!

These tags have nice ribbons...could hang the used ones on the tree
for ornaments next year! 
Now playing:  He Is God by Christ for the Nations Music

Spoiler alert:  Baby Boy will have more clothes under the tree than Big Brother.  Although they are 26 and 23, Mr. A and I try to keep things as equitable as possible between them.  In our defense, Baby Boy's Valdosta, Georgia wardrobe wasn't entirely adequate for Englewood, Colorado's climate.  With sons, clothes as a Christmas gift is not even a half step above coal in their stocking, so maybe Big Brother won't hold it against us.

Now playing:  Isn't He by Terry Clark

Here's my stocking and the stuffer I helped Mr. A select.  That's how we roll.  I am still dubious about that Santa Claus business.  

I am an overgrown nerd.  Firstborn son asked what I might like for Christmas and
I gave him the name of a software program I want, plus the title of book on how
to run Windows 8.1.  Electronics work for me! 

Now playing:  Light of the World by Chris Tomlin, featuring Matt Redman

It is 5:59 A.M. and I kid you not,

Now playing:  Waking Up the Dawn by Jennie Lee Riddle, featuring Michael Farren

The last present I wrapped goes to Baby Boy's long time girlfriend who left yesterday to spend Christmas with her parents' families in Illinois, then from there they'll make the trek to Colorado where she'll move into an apartment next door to his.  I almost didn't say goodbye to her yesterday because I hate goodbyes.  Baby Boy's Big Brother and my daughter-in-love encouraged me to say my goodbyes and I'm glad I did!  I managed not to cry!  I'm actually ecstatically happy for them to be reunited after more than six months apart; I just hated to see her go.  After five years as a couple, she is my daughter-in-heart.  I love her and I'll miss her!

"My King of heaven, you are my treasure!"  Lyric from You Are My Vision.

Jesus is my treasure in heaven and my precious family is my treasure on earth. As believers in Christ, we hold the hope of being together eternally!

Thank you for wrapping Christmas presents with me.  'Tis two nights before Christmas and Mr. A was sleeping soundly in his bed, didn't want to disturb him.

We're done!