Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Precious Treasure

Pictures of paintings by Sandra Kuck downloaded from Facebook, World Arts--Best of the Best

I was never quite this feminine and my sons were never remotely this calm, but these paintings capture how I felt in my heart about being a mother, beautiful.  My older son recently shared with me that he was able to feel his baby kicking in his wife's womb, he compared it to a thump.  I told him I remember vividly when his father first felt him kick, the expression of wonder I saw in his eyes; it ranks up there with one's wedding day, a supremely precious moment in a lifetime.  My son has never been one to gush, but I could hear his awe of the miraculous in his voice.

His childhood looked more like this:

My best guess is this was taken in 1993.  He and his baby brother spent quite some time jumping off the front steps and into a little mud puddle they created.  From things he says, I gather his little one will enjoy similarly joyful activities in life.