Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Daughter-in-love and Son One's beautifully set table for Christmas Eve Dinner
Later we had roast with burgundy sauce, mashed potatoes with sour cream 

and cream cheese, the best I've ever had, roasted broccoli and cauliflower.  

Real men like Mr. A frost red velvet cakes.  Mrs. A baked it, though.  Unfortunately
it later tore apart, but it tasted good!  Baked on Christmas Eve,
consumed on Christmas Day  
Not sure I can explain this one.  :D

They look like old man bedroom shoes to me, but hey, whatever
floats Son One's boat.  

Balaclava for Baby Boy to wear in Colorado,
gift from his brother

We missed Baby Boy's girlfriend!

Pecans!  Honey Toasted

From Baby Boy to Big Brother

I cannot explain Mr. A's pose.  :D

Mr. A got the Christmas box!  A gift has been wrapped
in this box every year for 28 years!  

Mr. A and his new suit
Mr. A, his new suit, Baby Boy's balaclava,
and Mr. A's imaginary shotgun 

Daughter-in-love and our resident granddog

Firstborn, Older son, Son One, Thing One, love this "kid"
I will be cleaning this mirror tomorrow!  

Mr. A knows I love pink!  I hurried up and washed these,
Old Colony pink depression glass dessert plates,
still had a little antique store patina,
then served Christmas cake on them