Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Before the Sun Rose

No she din't!  This is Ashley, taking advantage of my kindness, letting her inside on a chilly pre-dawn morning.  That is MY chair.  I have a cousin named Ashley, but this is not his namesake.  She was rescued from the middle of Ashley Street in morning traffic.  She was crouching, frozen, and I can't believe she wasn't flattened.  That was about ten or so years ago and as you can see, rescues are very grateful to their owners.  Wait.  That's dogs.  Cats aren't grateful for anything!   

Christmas tree 2013

To the left is a philodendron I brought inside when we had a couple of near freezing nights.  Its tendrils spill to the floor and it occurred to me I could have saved much time and effort by decorating it instead.  I have heard myself say now that the kids are launched, I was going to do one of those small trees to sit atop an end table, but I didn't listen to myself.

I looked in vain for those LED lights which change color, each individual bulb, and am hoping I'll find some later at a reduced price to put back for next year.  I have enjoyed the icy feel of the white lights for several years, but am ready for a change.  Last year our tree was blue and silver.  In previous years I've done a heart theme and a glass theme.  This year red was speaking to me.  

Yes, I'm barking mad.  Red speaks to me.  

As a young married woman, I was visiting an older woman from the church I attended and she did themed trees each year.  I remember being silently in awe of her great wealth--I couldn't imagine having enough Christmas ornaments to do a different theme each year.  After 27 years of keeping home and shopping after Christmas clearance sales, even a poor girl can do themed trees.

Some ornaments make the tree every year, regardless of the theme--the snow flakes my mother crocheted from fine cotton thread, the little mailbox with a note inside from my husband's mother, and now the ornament from Helen, GA, a gift from my older son and his wife.  

Now this is a precious treasure!  I had a wonderful mother-in-law (and I'm trying to be a good one) so I don't appreciate mother-in-law jokes.  Miss you, Rosemary A

a 2013 treasure

 another Mom-made treasure, I'm certain she and Rosemary A are enjoying their rewards in heaven

 a gift from Thing One, AKA older son, and his thoughtful wife.  I'm betting this was her idea! 

 another 2013 addition, we are not ashamed of the CHRIST in Christmas! 

To the right of the tree is my dining table and it is presently covered with the paraphernalia to send out Christmas cards, plus a pile of laundry.  I'm about 98% finished addressing the cards and I'll put the laundry away when my sweet husband awakens.

Not only do I talk to and sometimes listen to myself, red spoke to me this year, hot chocolate is now calling me.  Please don't tell the folks who wield the white jackets! 

Love and blessings to you and yours,

Mrs. A