Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Birthday in heaven, William Francis Amiot

12/15/14 - 06/22/98

This photo of Mr. A's parents was taken on our wedding day, September 21, 1986, his first time being best man.  The elder Mr. A was 72 years old when he had that honor, and oh did he wear those tails with panache.  It was as if it were *his* wedding day!  God love him and my Mr. A for wearing pink!    

The most special memory I have of the elder Mr. A was the day he told me if his son ever laid a hand on me to tell him.  He tapped his chest with his huge index finger as he said it.  

My Mr. A once said to me he'd never hit me because I'd hit him back.  I have my grandmother and mother to thank for instilling in me that if-you-hit-me-I'll-hit-you-back attitude.  My father did not live to see me grown; he was 42, I was 11 when he died.  

There are so many things a little girl misses without a daddy around, and to know that kind of noble protectiveness was there for me when my daddy couldn't be was a heart touching blessing.   

The best part of all was the senior Mr. A and I knew that violence would never be an issue in this marriage.  After all, my Mr. A was raised by a man who respected and protected his wife and he revered his mother's memory.  Any single women reading this, marry the son of a man like this!

I believe it was in the elder Mr. A's 73rd year of life when he re-roofed his house.  He didn't pay anyone to do what he could do himself.  My Mr. A is just as strong and driven, works as hard with hands that are identical to his father's.  He has never misused the great strength in them, but with them has only blessed me and our sons.

You raised a fine son, Mr. Amiot.  I'm proud to be his wife and blessed to honor your memory.