Tuesday, March 30, 2010

you might be a middle ager if...

...getting the laundry room painted robin's egg blue brings on the happy dance

...you wonder if you are pregnant with your own grandchild or if perimenopause is simply cranking up

...the last thing you say to your husband at night isn't good night, but is the dog in the crate?

...you regularly have to take the weed wacker to your husband's eyebrows and the loppers to the hairs growing out of his nose

...you regularly *itch about CSS disease while scratching around for one of the half dozen pairs of reading glasses you own

List will be amended periodically. 

P.S. 56-year-old Mr. A nervously asked if I thought I was PG.  I told him I don't think so, but one thing I know for sure, if I am, it's his.  That brought him little relief, but the part about having our own grandchild made him laugh.  I told him we could give it to one of the kids and save them some trouble.