Saturday, March 15, 2014

Photo Essay, Spring is Almost Here!

I name my trees.  This is Kizzie, after my Grannie.

Teakwood rockers after a bath of Arm and Hammer detergent and OxiClean, sunning, almost ready for the front porch

My first rose garden, 14 of 16 planted are thriving

rose garden detail

This was a gift from my sons when they were little guys.  I believe it was for Mother's Day.  Years ago I would say it had rust on it, but these days it's called patina.

Bradford pear blooms, woods behind, blue sky above

They didn't come as clean as I'd like, but at least I know they've been washed.  They are also being readied for the front porch.

Bradford pear bloom details

Mr. Bee doing his springtime thing

Geraniums, wandering Jew, aloe, gardenia!

We want out!!!  The begonias and kalanchoe have greenhouse fever.

Mr. A readying the mowers.  That's right, mowers.  One for each of us.

Erma Bombeck was right.  The grass is always greener over the septic tank.  The sycamore tree is still nekkid, but I'm sure it'll get its glory on soon.

Keep reaching for the sky!

My favorite of the day