Saturday, March 22, 2014

Handwritten Journal Entry, March 22, 2014

We need each other, yet we clamber over one another in our soulish realm, afraid someone is going to get something one doesn't have, or worse yet, try to prevent another from manifesting their right to express their God-given gifts.

Those immature souls, profoundly petty and jealous, are blinded by the enemy to their own giftings and callings.  Deeming themselves worthless, they fight against another rather than fight for themselves. 

They are enraged at one who would operate in audacity--the audacity to believe that Jesus came in order that a person would have a full, abundant life.

They will refer to their self as Christian, but wickedly tear down the work and life of another, trampling good fruit.  They listen to the lies of the enemy, thinking it their duty to level another, attacking their faith, slandering with the epithet of hypocrite, never realizing, grasping, that there is more than enough to go around, instead rattling empty cups which should be flowing over!

We were meant to be pieces of a wondrous puzzle, one incomplete without the other, but some are not content to let another be the size and shape piece of the Creator's original design and deign to chip away at another, maliciously, jealously savaging complementarity, reducing to bits and pieces, instigating colliding rubble, rather than allowing completion.

Brave one, remove yourself from that embittered tyrant!  Go where you've been commissioned, be the person God designed you to be!  Send the saboteur back to the Potter's wheel with your blessing and for God's sake don't let them reshape you!

Immature one, you are not diminished by the blessing of another!  Fear not the awe, hate not the recipient, for the Lord wants to bless you in His own unique way.  Let the seed He has planted in you break through the earth rather than try to bury someone's good fruit.  The dirt you throw on another will wash off in time.  Their integrity will withstand the assault and you'll find yourself a resident of the pit you dug to bury them!