Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day Trip to Fernandina Beach, Florida (Tuesday, May 6, 2014)

I had been miserable with a cold and thought the salt air would do me a world of good.  Mr. A decided to take the day off and this was our view when we arrived shortly after lunch time.

This is another view of our view.

Not a purse or a rucksack, but my camera bag.  This man loves me.

After we ate lunch, priced for the view, not necessarily the cuisine, Mr. A posed with this cute pink shrimp.  Prior to this moment, he leaned on the chain and almost took a tumble backward.  His caption for this picture is, "'Bout busted my ass!'"  I laughed.  I'm sorry.  But so did some other patrons.  And he still loves me.  There were rockers from this vantage point and jazz played over the speakers, a seaside version of Cracker Barrel. 

Rebellion and living on the edge, AARP style.

Our sons have moved/are moving across the country, so why not, Mr. A?

We met this gentleman in downtown Fernandina.  He sold us a pineapple for twice what we'd pay at Sam's and my sweet husband willingly obliged.  In addition to a very nice pineapple, we were treated to a "Woop, woooop," then a well played song on his harmonica.  I could tell he is a fixture in Fernandina.  The UPS man called to him, "Woop, wooooop!"  Felix the pineapple and mango selling Peanut Man answered with the same call.

He politely accepted my request to take his picture.

 Entrance to another downtown Fernandina business
Requisite selfie

Architecture appreciation, dents and chimneys, Wadsworth's Men's and Women's Apparal.  Nope, didn't shop there, but we did pick up a couple of hats at Wal-Mart, a straw floppy one for me with a raffia bow and a plain khaki weathered one for Mr. A.  Beach businesses surely make a tidy profit on items people forget on impromptu road trips.  

And finally, the real purpose for this trip!

Toward the end of the day, there was a little fellow playing nearby and when his parents called him, he dug his cute heels into the sand and stubbornly said, "I want to stay here."  They insisted he go with him and he shot back, "I'm staying here!"

I felt the same way.  

We dined on peanut butter and strawberry preserve sandwiches, mandarin oranges and spring water, then reluctantly folded up the loungers and headed home.  And for what it's worth, I'm much better, healed by the place where the ocean meets the shore.