Thursday, February 11, 2016

Not in Polite Society, But on Twitter

I live in an eternal political existential quandary.  It's not a comfortable place to exist.

Here is part of my ideal platform with no one to represent me:

  • De-fund Planned Parenthood--not completely.  Let those who want an abortion pay for their own.  Contraception assistance makes far more economic sense than abortion.  I'm not a fan of abortion, but I know it's not going away.  I don't want someone else's blood on my hands.
  • Amnesty for Illegals--all for it if evidence of productive "citizenship" is produced.  It galls me the same people who hire them curse their use of our medical facilities.  I bless those who have a hand in putting food on my table and don't wish to see them treated inhumanely.
  • Socialized medicine--I'm 100% for it.  I remember the moment that happened.  I was at a restaurant after church and a fellow parishioner, a woman in her 70s said, "Just think about the horrendous waits once everybody has it."  "It" was health insurance coverage, a reference to the Affordable Care Act.  I confess I hated her at the moment for thinking she should be put ahead of any sick person simply because she had more money.  I'm old enough to remember when most people carried catastrophic coverage and paid for doctor visits out of pocket.  When the insurance industry started covering doctor visits, the costs went through the roof.  Those becoming obscenely rich on pharmaceuticals--while people who can't afford them die--should be jailed.  It won't happen, but the thought of justice feels good.
  • Immigration--screen intensely, round up student visa overstays.  Patrol the borders for American citizens taking bribes to escort people into the country illegally.
  • Stop whining.  Everybody.  Please.  It's unbecoming.  You are not oppressed nor a victim.  There's not a person alive who doesn't get crapped on in some form or fashion, it's part of living in a fallen world. Make your own life work and stop blaming someone else when it doesn't.  Stick up for others when needed, but lift them to their feet, don't pat them on the head. 
  • I am unapologetically Zionist and support Israel with everything in my being.  Good God in heaven, what was Obama thinking regarding Iran?  (That really was a prayer, not a vain usage.) 
  • Women should not be required to register for the Selective Service.  If they want to serve in the military in any capacity, nothing is stopping them if they meet the criteria.  Volunteer away and thank you for your service.  Those who want to protect their families and homes should not be wrested away from them.
  • School choice, vouchers, yes!   
  • Overzealous gun control, no!  Thorough background checks, great!
  • Manners and decorum:  OK, this will never happen, but those calling others "p---y" or "boy in a bubble" should not be allowed to become president. 
That's enough for now.  I'm not a paid or clever pundit, just an ordinary citizen with a powerful weapon--a vote--which feels to me like a sword about to be fallen upon.  I don't want to sit out an election, so I go vote against some part of myself--every cycle.