Saturday, March 7, 2015

Banana Muffins

Streusel mishap, nonetheless tasty, the collision of a bunch of dark, spotty bananas on this island and a Pinterest page on the computer.  

Fueled by a big cup of Starbucks breakfast blend brewed at home, I was banging and clanging so in the kitchen, my bleary-eyed husband exited the bedroom and asked what kind of a car I was making.  I asked him what kind he wanted me to make.  He said, "The kind you'll ride in with me."  By then I was in his arms, my head on his shoulder thinking we already have one of those, an old Explorer, so banana muffins will do.

Before I go any further, giving credit where credit is due and acknowledging hers are much prettier, here is the recipe:

I spared my dear readers the before pictures, step-by-step of the extraordinary mess in conjuring and share the completed sweetness along with an antique store crocheted doily and gifts of McCoy pottery from a cousin.  

My husband and I were discussing the countertops last night, nearly 29 years old and candidates for replacement.  My champagne wants range from granite to Corian, my working-man-side-of-town budget decrees laminate.  I could go granite, but that means not flying to Colorado to see my children, so the decision is, as the young people say, a no-brainer.  

I am thinking of a couple in town who make cabinets.  Around a quarter of a century ago, I was visiting them and saw their cabinets had an unexpected *patina* of scratches and gouges.  She shrugged, said she didn't care, they held what they needed to hold.  A bit later, she escorted me and my hungry infant to the master bedroom for some mealtime privacy and there for God-and-all-the-world-to-see was unattended to laundry.  

I liked that woman more that evening than when I arrived earlier.

My hope is you'll appreciate my less-than-Pinterest-perfect muffins for what they are.  They were tasty, otherwise I wouldn't have inflicted shared the recipe with you.  Just follow her instructions more carefully than I did and crumble the streusel with your fingers.  I used a fork and it clumped about as much as it would have if I used a spoon.