Thursday, April 17, 2014

Battle by Battle, She Wins the War

Brief back story:

Mr. A and I were watching a YouTube video of two little girls dressed like princesses, tutus, tiaras, all that, who sang a song on the Ellen show.  The name of the song did not stick with me, but the manner in which they sang it did.  They were genuinely good, packing power and hitting notes beyond their years.

I said to my husband, "Every little girl should believe she is a princess."  He smiled a tender smile and said I was his princess.  I said I'd take the title queen.  At 50, school girl figure long gone, white hairs coming in and new droops, crinkling and wrinkling discovered daily, it was a long journey to get to be queen.

Call it hormones, call it reality, I batted back tears in my eyes for these little princesses.  I dread for them the encounters they will have, the tearing away of their titles.

The Battle commences.  

The first will be Jealousy--of their publicity, their fifteen little minutes of fame, sadly enough from an adult.  Pettiness will tag team with Jealousy to ensure they are knocked off tiny pedestals it thinks they don't deserve.  Condemnation will pile on--sinful costumes, sinful song, sinful show, not realizing Pride is pulling its strings, ever the puppeteer to the marionette.  

Pettiness and Jealousy would be okay with it if it happened to them, but they are angry it didn't, so they'll be Insecurity's assassin and destroy them any way possible.  Condemnation won't give a moment's consideration to Innocence and Joy and would do or say anything to ensure others won't experience it either.  Meanwhile, Pride smiles smugly in self-righteousness.  

Lie will come along and tell them they are nothing, of no worth, have no inherent beauty, talent or intellect.  Condescension will minimize every good thing in their lives that appear to be natural, God-given gifts, highly insulted they dare exult in it because they did not work for, earn, or pay their dues for it.  

Condescension cannot see it has been taken over by Blindness.  So enamored of itself, Condescension doesn't see Resentment has dog-piled on with Blindness, while Pride whispers, 'How dare they outperform (me)?!'  Delusion opens Condescension's mouth and states its Superiority, thinking itself much more qualified.  

Deceit has been productive, not allowing Condescension to grasp it has fallen short while staring down.  In time, Insults, Comparisons, Intimidation and Violence will gang rape.

Thief and Counterfeit will flatter their way in, trying to ride on another's gifts and callings, and will be enraged when exposed.  They'll join forces with Gossip and Lie.  Denial will spread its broad cloak to conceal them, redirecting attention to Pride, seeking attention for the flesh on parade which is willing to invent something to be admired, anything to aid Jealousy.  

Then there is Miracle; it has been there all along, but recognized finally, after Abandonment.  When they have survived multiple battle fronts, the embattled princesses are coronated Queen.  

May God grant them the patience and faith to wait for and believe this will happen.

They'll be given a warrior's unveiled spirit at that time because sadly enough, the ones who don't realize their worth will continue the onslaught.  It is here they have finally learned, "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me," and realize others mislabeled the Sword on their shoulders, angels of Encouragement, whispering Truth, and calling them chips, tried to knock them off.  The trio was at times drowned out while singing, "I will stand!"  

Sometimes a princess has to stand alone on her journey to queen.  

Her brave victory speech will be hard-earned and brief:

"It is a small thing that I be judged by you."

She'll know, when she recognizes these enemies in others and defeats the pernicious ones assigned within, she has earned a title no one can steal.