Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday Lunch with Mr. A

Friday lunch with Mr. A, we wound up at the same place because we went together, Austin's Cattle Company.

In the second half of our life together, we have discovered we can't take for granted meeting at the same place.  There was another of our Friday lunch dates where I waited for him at Crystal River, a seafood restaurant, while he was waiting for me at Ruby Tuesdays.  Long story short, it was I who was at the wrong place at the right time but he who joined me because I'd already ordered! 


back at Austin's, the beef tips with onions and peppers and a side of steamed vegetables were divine, but the best part was learning something new about my husband as Grannie said I would--each day.

We were leaving under a very light rain and it triggered a memory in my husband. He said the first time he ate at Austin's was in the '70s, and when he came out of the restaurant, dew had fallen on his '62 Corvette and the sheen it gave the paint job, a blue metallic lacquer, enhanced by the parking lot lights, was simply beautiful.

There are no old flames in his life, but he romanced many a muscle car. I was awed by how lovestruck he was with the recollection of a beautiful automobile. I asked him to recall the last time he saw me in that light, thinking it might be our wedding day or some other day in the spring of our years together, and he said, "When you picked me up for lunch."

If you want to know something about enduring love and romance, ask an older man.